Agent leadership Council

The ALC or "Agent Leadership Council" is a group of top producers within our Market Center. Serving as 'Board of Directors' they propose changes and make decisions on the strategies our office uses to assist our agents in becoming more profitable and productive. 


The growth committee focuses around growth within the market center, our agents, and our businesses.  


The technology committee is involved with all the innovative tech our market center and KW are coming out with. 

Wealth Building

The wealth building committee focuses on shareing their knowledge and expertise in the area of personal finance and investing, with the aim of building long-term wealth. 


The Culture committee focuses around building a outstanding KW culture that fits within the KW models & belief systems. 


The Finance Committee focuses around the financial aspects within the market center.

Social Equity

 The social equity committee carry's out the national task force GPS to make Keller Williams the #1 workplace for diversity, equity and inclusion across all industries validated by a 3rd party.